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This post comes in response to many of the discussions I have had the pleasure of having with you over the past week.

Easy Texts – books, articles, etc. that your child can easily read and understand on his/her own are fantastic for building your child’s confidence and fluency as a reader.

Just Right Texts – books, articles, etc. that has between 1-5 unknown words over a few pages but can still be understood (maybe with a bit of help) by your child when he/she reads it are good for helping your child further develop his/her reading skills.

Difficult Texts – books, articles, etc. that has more than 5 unknown words and/or are not understood by your child when he/she reads are NOT HELPFUL FOR YOUR CHILD TO READ ON HIS/HER OWN but CAN BE HELPFUL to the development of his/her reading skills if he/she is interested in the topic, if the information is appropriate for his/her age and IF YOU READ IT TO THEM.

Tips for Home Reading

  • Have your child read Easy Texts aloud to you or a sibling to improve his/her reading fluency.  Emphasize paying attention to punctuation (pausing at periods and commas, reading questions with inflection, etc.) and reading with expression.
  • Take your child to the public library and help them find texts (information books, magazines, novels, etc.) that interest them and will help them to grow as a reader…texts that are JUST RIGHT for them
  • Take time to read Just Right Texts WITH your child
  • Take time to read TO your child…from texts that interest you and have appropriate content for them but may not be at their reading level.  Examples:  current events, newspaper articles that interest you, books from your childhood that you enjoyed, books that you enjoy reading now (if they’re appropriate in content), etc.